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‣ A bit about myself...

If you've reached this page, you're probably familiar with me or one of the projects I've curated. If you aren't... I'm Floomatic, a hobbyist musician, enjoyer of sounds, and jack(rabbit) of all trades. The things I've uploaded here are purely for the enjoyment of myself and other curious sound-dwelling creatures.

Each of the pages listed below has playable audio that requires Javascript. You can continue to browse the site while listening, don't worry.

‣ Projects

Things I've worked on - or am currently working on.


Sound Blaster Live in a box!

‣ Sound Shenanigans



Original soundfonts I have created.

MIDI Covers

Various MIDI Covers I have done.

MIDI Recordings

Random recordings I've made of MIDI files playing from various synthesizers.

‣ Info

Information about myself and the site.