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All files, folders, and software in The Dumbphone Repo are hosted solely for historical and archival purposes. By continuing to the Repo, you acknowledge that you may not use any files or software in the Repo for any fraud or illegal activity. It is highly advised that you check with the laws within your jurisdiction regarding modification of cell phones if you intend to use cellular functions on a device with modified firmware.

Phone modification utilities are verified by our curators to be safe to use before they are hosted on the Repo. ROMphonix is not responsible for loss of data from, or "bricking", your personal devices caused by use or mis-use of such utilities hosted on the Repo. Use them at your own risk.

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Real Hardware Recordings

A direcory containing real hardware recordings of sounds from mobile phones that use a polyphonic sound generator.

Andre Louis Phonetones

A massive online directory containing ringtones from all kinds of phones, old and new.

Legacy Portable Computing Wiki

A wiki for all things related to old handhelds.

ROMphonix Club

The official discord server of the ROMphonix community.

Other resources

Emulation General Wiki

A wiki for game console emulation, also covers mobile phones (see EKA2L1 and Kahvibreak pages).

Highly organized directory specializing in phone flash files, mainly for Motorola devices.

Directory of software and flash files for phones and PDAs.